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Friendship for Successful Investment Advice

Friendship for Successful Investment Advice
By The Suit Magazine Staff

The work of advising clients regarding their financial decisions is more than just business as usual for Tom Manning, As the owner of Synthesis Advisors in East Greenwich, Rl; Manning said he views his clients as good friends. He believes the level of service he should provide goes well beyond quarterly calls and newsletters. Instead, he wants to develop the kind of relationship that makes him a partner with his clients in formulating their future financial plans.

"I want to know everything that is going on with them," Manning emphasized. "When you have that kind of relationship with your clients, you can talk honestly with them about living for today and planning for tomorrow," Manning said. "That is the philosophy you want to have. Planning is the hardest thing in the world to do because there is always something else going on. But when you have a serious enough client and a strong friendship, you have the ability to make a significant difference."

Manning has worked in the financial sector for the bulk of his career, starting out as an accountant and then working in the banking industry doing mortgages, construction loans and workouts for small and medium businesses. The clientele for his investment advising firm came from contacts made in banking, during his tenure as the director of a credit union and from his work in the non-profit sector.

"I love business people," Manning said. "I have been around them all my life and I do tend to gravitate toward people who own their own businesses and need solid, objective financial advice especially during the era of deleveraging and quantitative easing." Learn more about Synthesis Advisors online at